Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lushai to Mizo

Today, we have an enquirer from Tripura who looks for documents relating to the change of name of Lushai Hill District to Mizo Disrict.  He said that he need that specific order sa as to make Mizo subject available among the syllabus of the Government of Tripura. Luckily this specific document was available and a photocopy was supplied to him.

Monday, 11 April 2011


Mr.F.Lalthanmawia,Superintendent of Archives, is on tour to Lunglei. He is expected to collect certain documents relating to Christian Missionary Mr. Herbert Lorrain from Baptist Archives.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Index - Political Department Records



The records holdings in the Mizoram State Archives begins with 1870 containing the

records of the British period various departments throughout the District Council, Union

territory and Statehood. Records of the erstwhile British Residency, miscellenous papers

records including in Mizo language are also preserved in the Mizoram State Archives.


The School Education Department records accessioned during the year 2004-2005 were

724 files.

The following public records (not in series) accessioned to the Mizoram State Archives

were 3297 volumes of General Department (1884-1978); Political Department (1870-

1972); Military Department (1890-1978); Police Department (1893-1967); Public Works

Department (1888-1983); Municipal Department (1893-1920), Agriculture Department

(1891-1920); Education Department (1888-1990); Treasury Department (1891-1959);

Census Department (1900-1973); Transaction of Business Rules, 1987 and Allocation of

Business Rules, 1987.


3297 volumes of records are kept and arranged in proper sequence in 273 Carton Boxes.


Subject index for all the records is prepared.


Research Room - The Research Room of the Mizoram State Archives is open to the

research scholars and other bonafide users on all working days from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00

P.M.. The Research Room remains closed on all Public Holidays.

As the existing building falls ways short of the requirement for separate Research Room,

the conjested room of the stack area is utilised as Research Room. It has a Conference

Hall on the top floor of the building which is very appropriate for seminar and other

functions with 200 seating capacity.


The Library collection of Mizoram State Archives was 1,486 and enriched with the

addition of 78 nos. of printed books during January to July,2005.

About Mizoram State Archives

Initially, the state Archives was under the supervision of the Mizoram State Museum,
Directorate of Education, having a Superintendent and a lone LDC in 1979
(No.ESS.199/78(P)/2 dt.6.3.’79). A Chemist-II post was created in 1982 (A.11013/3/82-
EDN/1 dt.23.10.’82), after which the State Government created 7 (seven) other posts -
Archivist, Assistant Superintendent, UDC, Binder, Record Attendant, Record Lifter,
Chowkidar in 1983 to bring it to a full fledged State Archives (No.A.11313/9/82-EDN/27
The Archives was named/entitled ‘Mizoram State Archvies’ on 1.10.’85, the day it
becomes independent from its supervisor, the Mizoram State Museum. Having no place
to call its own, the State Archives served the Government in rented Offices at various
localities such as Dawrpui Veng and Upper Khatla. The state Archives ever since
collected records from the Record Room of Deputy Commissioner, Aizawl District;
Assam State Archives, Guwahati; West Bengal State Archives, Kolkata; National
Archives of India, New Delhi. Most of the materials from outside the state were Xerox
copied. The Archives has a new classified, department-wise records collected  from the
D.C., Aizawl District, and has done the needful in repairing the old papers. The records
from the D.C., Aizawl District are 3,176 bundles in total, and these have been given
Indexes. Record Indexes are being printed at the Press, to enable easy location of desired
material. Ever since the Directorate of Education has been parted to three new
Directorates, viz. School Education, Higher & Technical and Art & Culture in 1988
(No.A.11013/81/87-EDN dt.3.5.’88), the State Archives remains under the Art & Culture
Department with its 15-member staff.
The State Government purchased a building/Office for the State Archives from the
Government ‘Capital Project’ in 1996 (No.D.28012/1/93-EDN(AC) dt.29.3.’96) and
tended the old building for 2(two) years before the State Archives could finally move in
on 26.5.’98. The building at present is still incomplete and needs repairing. As records
received have been increasing, the Archives hopes and pray that both individuals and the
Government come to realise the significance/importance of record and its preservation.